Odour Elimination

Professional Odour Removal Services

Foul odours can linger if there has been a fire or flood; because of excessive mould growth; from animals or illness; and by chemicals being released from proteins, bacteria and organic matter.

How we can help

Our odour decontamination units clears odours quickly and effectively by using industry leading equipment with fan technology that quickly distributes purifying air. Within hours, the affected area is completely sanitised, smells fresh and all unhealthy microbes are removed from the air and surfaces without leaving behind any chemical residue. We ensure odours are eliminated and not masked.

Fully trained in odour elimination, the team are reliable and responsive, providing a thorough service.

As a professional odour removal company based in Coventry, we can also cover Warwickshire, West Midlands and East Midlands.

  • What odour elimination does:
  • Attacks odours at their source by breaking down compounds
  • Removes harmful microbes from the air
  • Terminates viruses and bacteria
  • Destroys mould and fungi
  • Sanitise surfaces
  • Deodorises the room
  • Circulates fresh, purified air

Company Accreditations

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of reliability, safety and professionalism,
Zenith Contract Services is accredited by a number of industry recognised professional bodies.

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