Resin Flooring

Specialist Solutions

Zenith Pola Flooring specialise in providing resin flooring solutions to suit a wide range of applications for industrial and commercial environments. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, our flooring systems utilise advanced materials and installation methods to provide a solution that has a modern appearance, is easy to maintain and has extreme resistance to abrasion.

Accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we are an approved installer of many of the UK’s leading resin flooring systems and our team of experienced flooring professionals can design bespoke systems to fulfill the most complex requirements.

We have developed a unique method of design and installation that uses a layered composite design structure, working in conjunction with our sister company, ZenRite. This method not only increases strength and durability, but also allows us to optimise the selection of resin based materials to meet the specific requirements of any floor without gaps or seams.

Resin flooring can be applied in a variety of ways to suit particular tastes or a corporate brand image with a large variety of colours and textures. Whether you require a floor that is hygienic, abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant or acid resistant, or simply one that is hard wearing and decorative, we are able to provide professional expertise on the optimum solution for you.

Proven Techniques

A unique layered construction.

Based on many years’ practical experience and technical knowledge of resin flooring systems, we have developed our own unique method of design and construction flooring systems, working in conjunction with our sister company, ZenRite.

These systems are designed using a layered, composite structure, incorporating synthetic resin based materials. As with all composite structures, this combination of different layers achieves a structure that is stronger than the sum of the individual parts, increasing both the density of the floor and its compressive strength, enabling it to withstand much higher loading forces.

Depending on usage and state of the existing floor area, different types of resin product can be selected to form the different layers, optimizing the design to deliver the highest levels of performance and providing a finish that is resistant to impact, abrasion, chemical attack and slippage, as required.

ZenRite Layered Composite Design Structure

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Seamless Coving Design Structure

coving design structure

ZenRite Layered Composite Design Structure (Decorative)

The following diagrams illustrate the flexibility of our layered composite design structures and provide an insight into the different designs and qualities that they deliver.

Our decorative design structure allows us to create a number of different colours and textures by introducing a coloured base coat into which we scatter aggregates such as quartz or flake. The quartz aggregate can then be ground down to alter the degree of slip resistance that the customer requires.


ZenRite Layered Composite Design Structure (Levelling)

Our levelling design structure gives us the ability to construct a seamless flooring system on to substrates that have a poor surface to bind to. By adding a platon membrane layer we can then add a levelling compound to build our seamless flooring layers on to. This solution provides customers with the option to avoid the expense of substrate replace or repair options.

levelling new image

ZenRite Layered Composite Design Structure (Comfort)

The comfort resin compound structure creates a soft feel solution by introducing a rubberised resin layer, enhancing comfort and improving acoustics. This fully seamless flooring system is the ideal option for customers who need to maintain high levels of hygiene.

design structure comfort

Project Consultancy

We pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach, working with specifiers, building contractors or with customers directly to ascertain the requirements and implement the most cost-effective flooring system for your needs.

As an independent practitioner with more than 25 years experience of providing clients with bespoke high quality resin floor finishes, we have the expertise and know-how to work with existing conditions, analyse problems specific to a job and provide the optimum, most appropriate solution.

We are committed to the highest quality standards and have a proven track record for reliability and professionalism. Our team has built up many years of practical experience helping us to identify potential issues at the right stage in the process, saving our customers many thousands of pounds by being able to offer the right advice on the best way forward.

Whether you require a complete flooring installation or a simple coating, whether your project is new build or refurbishment, Zenith can work with any specified product or provide a one-stop solution, with all products supplied and fitted by Zenith.


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